Press Release

"Culture Room is pleased to announce “Turn On Me” by Faren Ziello. The exhibition includes several works of manipulated pornography, featuring Ziello herself in every role. "Turn On Me" explores a complicated relationship with the full spectrum of sexual fantasy -- from pleasure, excitement and curiosity, to self-loathing, anxiety and confusion. A sculptural bleach-fountain presents this dichotomy as a substance, at once toxic and antiseptic, caustic and purifying, presented in a context more commonly associated with relaxation and wellness. Ziello is her own muse in explicit scenes that sway back and forth from exaggerated and humorous, to real and earnest, using pornography to talk about sex itself, while also using it as a trope to examine the artist’s own internal struggle."


 Burnout at Daylight Savings

"The most jarring juxtaposition happens in Faren Ziello’s Bleach and Eyes, a gif projected at larger than life scale, depicting a woman being tortured by two jugs of bleach pouring into her eyes–an arresting expression of disillusionment, equally fringing on humor and trauma. Anna Tome"


 10 Artists to Watch From the 2014 Bushwick Open Studios

"Faren Ziello’s obsession with women pouring bleach or detergent of their heads is discomfiting, but when she explained to me that the imagery comes out of some health issues she experienced recently, it all made sense. Lest you think it’s only disease that inspires her, the latest work fits snuggly into her other series, including De-FloweredDeathpiles, and the cheerfully named Alcoholism, Domestic Violence and Teen Suicide — I’m guessing she’s a blast at parties. Even with a storm cloud of doom lingering over these works, there’s something deeply evocative about them. If I had to describe them, I’d say they resemble Pee Wee’s Playhouse explaining the evening news using fast-paced butoh dance. —Hrag Vartanian"