"Turn On Me" Culture Room, Brooklyn, N.Y. January 2015


"Burnout" Small Editions, Brooklyn, N.Y. August 2014

"Spring Mix" Good Work, Brooklyn, N.Y. June 2014

"Diff'rent Strokes" Louis B. James, New York, N.Y. October 2013

"The Show is a Leo" 840 Broadway, Brooklyn, N.Y. July 2013

"Art Forms" Children's Museum of the Arts, New York, N.Y. October 2012

"Telephone:" Horizons, Brooklyn, N.Y. October 2011

 "Hell No" Saint Cecilia, Brooklyn, N.Y. May 2010

 "Rooms" Wunderkammern Gallery, Rome, Italy April 2010

MUSEUM: Permanent Works:

"What's Ours in Mine" Museo Della Scultura Contemporanea (MUSMA), Matera, Italy 2009